CM WORLD 2015: Quick-and-Dirty Roundup of Content Marketing Trends [Best of CCO 2015]

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Let’s ditch the pretense that you’ll have a quiet weekend to catch up on reading and pen your list of personal goals for 2016. Instead, I’m offering you a quick-and-dirty roundup of my favorite CCO articles over the last 12 months. Pick one article for each month listed and read it in full. You’ll be done in 35 minutes – and have some great ideas for that 2016 planning. I promise.


One of my favorite articles published all year was Amy Higgins’ A Content Strategist’s Big Bang Theory. She maps how marketers can think of content as a planetary system, with one meta-asset acting as the sun, and variations on that single asset functioning as planets, moons, and satellites.

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Author : Clare McDermott


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